Wednesday, December 19, 2012

13 Weeks

Size of baby: Medium shrimp (what happened to the fruit theme?)

Continuing symptoms: Week 4 of no vomiting!  Nausea seemed to wane even more this week.  In fact, it was pretty non-existent except for one particular night.  Otherwise, it was more of a gaggy, gross feeling than nausea, and was worse when I was hungry.  Other symptoms included sore boobs, weird taste in mouth, and acid reflux.

New symptoms this week: Acid reflux seemed to be worse than the previous week.  It felt like a lump at the base of my throat that made swallowing bothersome.  Kind of reminded me of the feeling of an allergic reaction, which was a bit scary.

Maternity clothes: Bump keeps growing!  Definitely going to need maternity pants soon.

Sleep: Pretty good.  I'm actually sleeping through the night.  Then again, I've been running pretty nonestop with getting ready for Christmas, so I'm especially worn out.

What I'm eating: My eating continues to improve -- eating more and eating more of a variety.  Still, the weird taste in my mouth has been interfering with my enjoyment, but hoping it will pass once I get into the second trimester.

Cravings: None

Special pregnancy moments:  I had an ob/gyn appointment on Friday.  My husband and I had decided that if that appointment went well, we would announce the news and go public!  Well, everything went well (phew), and we told all of our church friends at the annual Christmas party.  Plus, we told all of our extended family and friends.  It was awesome being able to finally share the good news, and there was such an outpouring of excitement and happiness for us.  Not everyone knew about our TTC struggles, but for those who did, they were especially happy for us.  Even for those who didn't, I wonder if they might have suspected because they seemed super excited.  I can't believe that I'm here, that I'm actually able to hear the words, "I'm pregnant," coming out of my mouth.  It's still a crazy, surreal feeling for me, and such an honor and privilege.  I am grateful for each day that this pregnancy continues, and I pray for those of you who are still waiting for your special little ones.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Weeks

Size of baby: Lime

Continuing symptoms: Week 3 of no vomiting!  Same symptoms as last week -- mild nausea (more like queasiness) that's mainly limited to the evenings, sore boobs, mild acid reflux, weird taste in mouth, hunger.

New symptoms this week: Acid reflux is more constant but nothing horrible.

Maternity clothes: Bump keeps growing!  I bought some new wireless bras (in one size larger than I'm used to wearing!) and a button extender for my pants.  It's getting harder to hide my bump at work.  I've retired some of my tighter clothing items until after I make my announcement.

Sleep: I've been waking up once a night on average, either to pee or because I'm thinking about work.

What I'm eating: I'm eating a better variety and also eating more in one meal.  Thankfully, eating is not as disgusting a task to me anymore.  Still, it's not what it used to be -- food still tastes weird or the thought of it is unappealing at times.

Cravings: None

Special pregnancy moments:  Had a midweek appointment for genetic counseling and testing where they did a blood draw and ultrasound.  This visit I'd graduated from transvaginal ultrasounds to transabdominal!  This feels like such a milestone to me.  Before I'd gotten pregnant, I'd spent plenty of time with the wand, never sure if/when I would move beyond it.  But now that day has finally come, and I'm excited to be progressing to the next stage.  In other news, the tests came back with very low probability of Down Sydrome and trisomy 18, which I am so grateful for.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

11 Weeks

Size of baby: Fig

Continuing symptoms: Week 2 of no vomiting!  Also, very limited nausea, and mostly in the evenings.  Otherwise, same symptoms as usual -- sore/swollen boobs, occasional mild heartburn/acid reflux, heightened sense of smell, hunger.  Also, symptoms come and go; nothing sticks with me constantly, thank goodness.

New symptoms this week: More heartburn/acid reflux than before.

Maternity clothes: Bump is definitely growing. :)  I bought some new wireless bras and a button extender for my pants.  It's getting a bit harder to hide my bump at work.  I've retired some of my tighter clothing items until after I make my announcement.

Sleep: Still getting up to pee once or twice a night.  I also had a stressful week at work, so that wasn't helping matters.  You know how they say you have really vivid dreams when you're pregnant?  Well, I had one where my co-worker called me a nasty name, and my boss didn't defend me.  I woke up crying -- first time in my life that's every happened!

What I'm eating: Cereal and milk still.  But the food aversions are getting better.  I'm eating a better variety and finding the whole task of eating more enjoyable altogether.

Cravings: None

Special pregnancy moments:  Shopping at a maternity store for the first time, and feeling like I belong in there!  It was weird, but nice. :)