Tuesday, December 4, 2012

11 Weeks

Size of baby: Fig

Continuing symptoms: Week 2 of no vomiting!  Also, very limited nausea, and mostly in the evenings.  Otherwise, same symptoms as usual -- sore/swollen boobs, occasional mild heartburn/acid reflux, heightened sense of smell, hunger.  Also, symptoms come and go; nothing sticks with me constantly, thank goodness.

New symptoms this week: More heartburn/acid reflux than before.

Maternity clothes: Bump is definitely growing. :)  I bought some new wireless bras and a button extender for my pants.  It's getting a bit harder to hide my bump at work.  I've retired some of my tighter clothing items until after I make my announcement.

Sleep: Still getting up to pee once or twice a night.  I also had a stressful week at work, so that wasn't helping matters.  You know how they say you have really vivid dreams when you're pregnant?  Well, I had one where my co-worker called me a nasty name, and my boss didn't defend me.  I woke up crying -- first time in my life that's every happened!

What I'm eating: Cereal and milk still.  But the food aversions are getting better.  I'm eating a better variety and finding the whole task of eating more enjoyable altogether.

Cravings: None

Special pregnancy moments:  Shopping at a maternity store for the first time, and feeling like I belong in there!  It was weird, but nice. :)

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