Wednesday, November 21, 2012

9 Weeks

Size of baby: Grape

Continuing symptoms: Same symptoms as the week before -- nausea/vomiting, weird taste in mouth, sore/swollen boobs, hunger, occasional mild heartburn.  Again, symptoms come and go as far as intensity, but they're always lurking in the background.  I've also noticed that I'm more tired this week.

New symptoms this week: Nothing of note.

Maternity clothes: Starting to look online for some cute options, which is a fun distraction from the pukiness.  Pants are continuing to get tighter, and finally ordered a belly band online that will accomodate my expanding waistline while allowing me to continue to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes.  Also, the yoga pants I lived in early in the pregnancy are starting to get tight, and I have moved onto my flannel PJ pants.  I am starting to look more slobby. :)

Sleep: I need to get up and pee once a night.  Soon after, I realize I'm hungry, so I go downstairs and eat a bowl of cereal around 5.  After, I might surf the iPad a little and go back to sleep for another hour or two.  This might be contributing to my tiredness.

What I'm eating: Cereal and milk continue to be my go-to.  Most foods continue to turn me off, but I try to choke down what I can, especially as it helps keep the nausea at bay.

Cravings: None

Special pregnancy moments:  Telling my best friend and her husband about the pregnancy.  Yes, we're starting to slowly reveal the news to those closest to us, and especially those who were aware of our conception struggles.  They were both so happy for us, and so excited.  She said she had already been planning my baby shower for whenever we got pregnant (like, she has started Excel spreadsheets, I kid you not).

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